Paul Medcalf pivoted into the world of missions, energy, and agriculture (MEA) after a 30-year career in manufacturing, international sales, and executive office positions in the material handling world. He decided in 2003 to live the life that he had read about on a flight to Taiwan in Bob Buford’s book, “Half Time- Moving from Success to Significance.” His life would never be the same as he spent the next twenty years as an investment in engaging and mentoring others who serve in those fields. Paul from birth had a simple life in Boonville IN, but decided to go west after high school and became a Russian Linguist for the NSA during the Vietnam War period while enlisted in the USAF SS for 6 years. That took him to San Antonio and San Angelo Texas, Syracuse NY University, Wakkanai Air Station Japan (where the memorial still stands for over 200 innocents on board South Korean flight KAL007 who were murdered by the Russians), to Monterey CA Defense Language Institute and finally to Washington DC at NSA headquarters. With a Top Secret Codeword security clearance, he experienced working with clear and encrypted Russian voice interception from cosmonauts, embassies, and fighter aircraft like the MIG 21 and the TU95 bomber, etc. When his commander in chief, President Nixon, left DC in 1974, Paul did too and spent most of a decade with Bucyrus Erie in Evansville IN whose excavators almost a century before had dug the Panama Canal under President Teddy Roosevelt. After B-E closed due to the recession in 1980 he worked with the Westinghouse Electric field office in Evansville until joining other B-E friends at Faultless Caster & Wheels for almost a decade. Customers there included Snap-on Tool Rubbermaid, IBM, and the US Government as well as numerous clients around the world since Faultless was over 100 years old and very well respected. Next came service overseeing Canadian operations and related firms for Standex International including Jarvis, Can-Am, and Wellington Industries. The W2 experience in material handling was finished as President of a S Korean firm with multiple locations across the USA. The last organization Paul worked for was Ivy Tech Community College for 3 years as the Manager for Corporate Services in the 9 counties of the SW Toe of Indiana. Finally came full-time entrepreneurship with many organizations as a consultant to build their operations- and growing from Success to Significance with them.