Jeff Bohanan is the Founder and CEO of Protomet Corporation.  Beginning in 1983, he worked 12 years for the Department of Energy (DOE) nuclear weapons program.  As the cold war ended, he served as a lead engineer for other military and science projects within the DOE.

Jeff founded Protomet in 1997 and has led with a strategic mindset for the past 27 years.  Jeff’s passion for engineering and design grew during his tenure as an engineer for the military weapons complex.  He subsequently built Protomet, and within it the DNA of world-class engineering, innovation, and manufacturing. Protomet works with the marine industry to develop new products and new capabilities.  Protomet has experienced sustained growth and completed multiple expansions.  He believes the key to this growth is an abundance mindset for those inside and outside the walls of Protomet.  Jeff believes the accelerating future provides unprecedented opportunity for growth.  He is a Knoxville native.